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Knerr, I.; Dienst, M.; Lindén, J.; Dobrovolný, P.; Geletic, J.; Büntgen, U. & Esper, J. (2019): Addressing the relocation bias in a long temperature record by means of land cover assessment. Theoretical and Applied Climatology , 1-11.
Seidel, J.; Ketzler, G.; Bechtel, B.; Thies, B.; Philipp, A.; Böhner, J.; Egli, S.; Eisele, M.; Herma, F.; Langkamp, T.; Petersen, E.; Sachsen, T.; Schlabing, D. & Schneider, C. (2016): Mobile measurement techniques for local and micro-scale studies in urban and topo-climatology. Die Erde 147(1), 259-284.
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