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Salomón, R.L.; Peters, R.L.; Zweifel, R.; Sass-Klaassen, U.G.W.; Stegehuis, A.I.; Smiljanic, M.; Poyatos, R.; Babst, F.; Cienciala, E.; Fonti, P.; Lerink, B.J.W.; Lindner, M.; Martinez-Vilalta, J.; Mencuccini, M.; Nabuurs, G.; van der Maaten, E.; von Arx, G.; Bär, A.; Akhmetzyanov, L.; Balanzategui, D.; Bellan, M.; Bendix, J.; Berveiller, D.; Blaženec, M.; Čada, V.; Carraro, V.; Cecchini, S.; Chan, T.; Conedera, M.; Delpierre, N.; Delzon, S.; Ditmarová, L.; Dolezal, J.; Dufrene, E.; Edvardsson, J.; Ehekircher, S.; Forner, A.; Frouz, J.; Ganthaler, A.; Gryc, V.; Güney, A.; Heinrich, I.; Hentschel, R.; Janda, P.; Ježík, M.; Kahle, H.; Knüsel, S.; Krejza, J.; Kuberski, u.; Kučera, J.; Lebourgeois, F.; Mikoláš, M.; Matula, R.; Mayr, S.; Oberhuber, W.; Obojes, N.; Osborne, B.; Paljakka, T.; Plichta, R.; Rabbel, I.; Rathgeber, C.B.K.; Salmon, Y.; Saunders, M.; Scharnweber, T.; Sitková, Z.; Stangler, D.F.; Sterenczak, K.; Stojanovic, M.; Střelcová, K.; Světlík, J.; Svoboda, M.; Tobin, B.; Trotsiuk, V.; Urban, J.; Valladares, F.; Vavrčík, H.; Vejpustková, M.; Walthert, L.; Wilmking, M.; Zin, E.; Zou, J. & Steppe, K. (2022): The 2018 European heatwave led to stem dehydration but not to consistent growth reductions in forests. Nature Communications 13(1), 28.
Wallis, C.I.B.; Tiede, Y.; Beck, E.; Böhning-Gaese, K.; Brandl, R.; Donoso, D.A.; Espinosa, C.I.; Fries, A.; Homeier, J.; Inclan, D.; Leuschner, C.; Maraun, M.; Mikolajewski, K.; Neuschulz, E.L.; Scheu, S.; Schleuning, M.; Suárez, J.P.; Tinoco, B.A.; Farwig, N. & Bendix, J. (2021): Biodiversity and ecosystem functions depend on environmental conditions and resources rather than the geodiversity of a tropical biodiversity hotspot. Scientific Reports 11(1), 24530.
Muñoz, P.; Orellana-Alvear, J.; Bendix, J.; Feyen, J. & Celleri, R. (2021): Flood Early Warning Systems Using Machine Learning Techniques: The Case of the Tomebamba Catchment at the Southern Andes of Ecuador. Hydrology 8(4), 183.
Turini, N.; Thies, B.; Rollenbeck, R.; Fries, A.; Pucha-Cofrep, F.; Orellana-Alvear, J.; Horna, N. & Bendix, J. (2021): Assessment of Satellite-Based Rainfall Products Using a X-Band Rain Radar Network in the Complex Terrain of the Ecuadorian Andes. Atmosphere 12(12), 1678.
Rollenbeck, R.; Orellana-Alvear, J.; Rodriguez, R.; Macalupu, S. & Nolasco, P. (2021): Calibration of X-Band Radar for Extreme Events in a Spatially Complex Precipitation Region in North Peru: Machine Learning vs. Empirical Approach. Atmosphere 12(12), 1561.
Dashpurev, B.; Wesche, K.; Jäschke, Y.; Oyundelger, K.; Phan, T.N.; Bendix, J. & Lehnert, L. (2021): A cost-effective method to monitor vegetation changes in steppes ecosystems: A case study on remote sensing of fire and infrastructure effects in eastern Mongolia. Ecological Indicators 132, 108331.
Pérez-Postigo, I.; Vibrans, H.; Bendix, J. & Cuevas-Guzmán, R. (2021): Floristic composition and potential invasiveness of alien herbaceous plant in Western Mexico. Revista de Biolog{'i}a Tropical 69(3), 1037-1054.
Wagemann, J.; Siemen, S.; Seeger, B. & Bendix, J. (2021): A user perspective on future cloud-based services for Big Earth data. International Journal of Digital Earth 14, 1-17.
Wagemann, J.; Siemen, S.; Seeger, B. & Bendix, J. (2021): Users of open Big Earth data – An analysis of the current state. Computers & Geosciences 157, 104916.
Noskov, A.; Achilles, S. & Bendix, J. (2021): Presence and Biomass Information Extraction from Highly Uncertain Data of an Experimental Low-Range Insect Radar Setup. Diversity 13(9), 452.
Velescu, A.; Homeier, J.; Bendix, J.; Valarezo, C. & Wilcke, W. (2021): Response of water-bound fluxes of potassium, calcium, magnesium and sodium to nutrient additions in an Ecuadorian tropical montane forest. Forest Ecology and Management 501, 119661.
Reiners, P.; Asam, S.; Frey, C.; Holzwarth, S.; Bachmann, M.; Sobrino, J.; Göttsche, F.; Bendix, J. & Kuenzer, C. (2021): Validation of AVHRR Land Surface Temperature with MODIS and In Situ LST—A TIMELINE Thematic Processor. Remote Sensing 13(17), 1-16.
Häusser, M.; Szymczak, S.; Knerr, I.; Bendix, J.; Garel, E.; Huneau, F.; Trachte, K.; Santoni, S. & Bräuning, A. (2021): The Dry and the Wet Case: Tree Growth Response in Climatologically Contrasting Years on the Island of Corsica. Forests 12(9), 1-16.
Grigusova, P.; Larsen, A.; Achilles, S.; Klug, A.; Fischer, R.; Kraus, D.; Übernickel, K.; Paulino, L.; Pliscoff, P.; Brandl, R.; Farwig, N. & Bendix, J. (2021): Area-Wide Prediction of Vertebrate and Invertebrate Hole Density and Depth across a Climate Gradient in Chile Based on UAV and Machine Learning. Drones 5(3), -.
Dantas de Paula, M.; Forrest, M.; Langan, L.; Bendix, J.; Homeier, J.; Velescu, A.; Wilcke, W. & Hickler, T. (2021): Nutrient cycling drives plant community trait assembly and ecosystem functioning in a tropical mountain biodiversity hotspot. New Phytologist 2021, 1-16.
Pohl, M.; Lehnert, L.; Bader, M.; Gradstein, S.R.; Viehweger, J. & Bendix, J. (2021): A new fog and low stratus retrieval for tropical South America reveals widespread fog in lowland forests. Remote Sensing of Environment 264, 112620.
Knerr, I.; Trachte, K.; Egli, S.; Barth, J.; Bräuning, A.; Garel, E.; Häusser, M.; Huneau, F.; Juhlke, T.; Santoni, S.; Szymczak, S.; van Geldern, R. & Bendix, J. (2021): Fog - low stratus (FLS) regimes on Corsica with wind and PBLH as key drivers. Atmospheric Research 261, 105731.
Pérez-Postigo, I.; Bendix, J.; Vibrans, H. & Cuevas-Guzmán, R. (2021): Diversity of alien roadside herbs along an elevational gradient in western Mexico. NeoBiota 65, 71.
Urgilés, G.; Celleri, R.; Trachte, K.; Bendix, J. & Orellana-Alvear, J. (2021): Clustering of Rainfall Types Using Micro Rain Radar and LaserDisdrometer Observations in the Tropical Andes. Remote Sensing 13(5), 1-22.
Contreras, P.; Orellana-Alvear, J.; Muñoz, P.; Bendix, J. & Celleri, R. (2021): Influence of Random Forest Hyperparameterization on Short-Term Runoff Forecasting in an Andean Mountain Catchment. Atmosphere 12(2), 1-16.
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