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Vorndran, M.; Schütz, A.; Bendix, J. & Thies, B. (2022): Current training and validation weaknesses in classification-based radiation fog nowcast using machine learning algorithms. Artificial Intelligence for the Earth Systems 1(2), e210006.
Thies, B.; Egli, S. & Bendix, J. (2017): The Influence of Drop Size Distributions on the Relationship between Liquid Water Content and Radar Reflectivity in Radiation Fogs. Atmosphere 8(8), 23.
Maier, F.; Bendix, J. & Thies, B. (2013): Development and application of a method for the objective differentiation of fog life cycle phases. Tellus Series B Chemical and Physical Meteorology 65, 19971.
Egli, S.; Maier, F.; Bendix, J. & Thies, B. (2014): Vertical distribution of microphysical properties in radiation fogs - A case study. Atmospheric Research 151, 130-145.
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