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Jung, P.; Emr&iacute;ch, D.; Briegel‐Williams, L.; Schermer, M.; Weber, L.; Baumann, K.; Colesie, C.; Clerc, P.; Lehnert, L.; Achilles, S.; Bendix, J. &amp; B&uuml;del, B. (2019): <b> Ecophysiology and phylogeny of new terricolous and epiphytic chlorolichens in a fog oasis of the Atacama Desert</b>. <i>Microbiology Open</i> <b>8</b>, 1-21.

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Title: Ecophysiology and phylogeny of new terricolous and epiphytic chlorolichens in a fog oasis of the Atacama Desert
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Publication Date: 2019-07-07
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Individual: Patrick Jung
Individual: Diana Emrích
Individual: Laura Briegel‐Williams
Individual: Michael Schermer
Individual: Lena Weber
Individual: Karen Baumann
Individual: Claudia Colesie
Individual: Philippe Clerc
Individual: Lukas Lehnert
Individual: Sebastian Achilles
Individual: Jörg Bendix
Individual: Burkhard Büdel
The Atacama Desert is one of the driest and probably oldest deserts on Earth where <br/> only a few extremophile organisms are able to survive. This study investigated two <br/> terricolous and two epiphytic lichens from the fog oasis “Las Lomitas” within the <br/> National Park Pan de Azúcar which represents a refugium for a few vascular desert <br/> plants and many lichens that can thrive on fog and dew alone. Ecophysiological meas‐<br/> urements and climate records were combined with molecular data of the mycobiont, <br/> their green algal photobionts and lichenicolous fungi to gain information about the <br/> ecology of lichens within the fog oasis. Phylogenetic and morphological investiga‐<br/> tions led to the identification and description of the new lichen species Acarospora <br/> conafii sp. nov. as well as the lichenicolous fungi that accompanied them and revealed <br/> the trebouxioid character of all lichen photobionts. Their photosynthetic responses <br/> were compared during natural scenarios such as reactivation by high air humidity <br/> and in situ fog events to elucidate the activation strategies of this lichen community. <br/> Epiphytic lichens showed photosynthetic activity that was rapidly induced by fog <br/> and high relative air humidity whereas terricolous lichens were only activated by fog.
| gas exchange | ITS | lichen | lichenicolous fungi | rbcL | Trebouxia |
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Journal: Microbiology Open
Volume: 8
Page Range: 1-21
Publisher: Wiley
ISSN: 2045-8827
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Individual: Jörg Bendix
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