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Seidel, J.; Trachte, K.; Orellana-Alvear, J.; Figueroa, R.; Celleri, R.; Bendix, J.; Fernandez, C. &amp; Huggel, C. (2019): <b>Precipitation Characteristics at Two Locations in the Tropical Andes by Means of Vertically Pointing Micro-Rain Radar Observations</b>. <i>Remote Sensing</i> <b>11</b>(24), 2985.

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Title: Precipitation Characteristics at Two Locations in the Tropical Andes by Means of Vertically Pointing Micro-Rain Radar Observations
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Publication Date: 2019-12-12
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Individual: Jochen Seidel
Individual: Katja Trachte
Individual: Johanna Orellana-Alvear
Individual: Rafael Figueroa
Individual: Rolando Celleri
Individual: Jörg Bendix
Individual: Ciro Fernandez
Individual: Christian Huggel
In remote areas with steep topography, such as the Tropical Andes, reliable precipitation<br/> data with a high temporal resolution are scarce. Therefore, studies focusing on the diurnal properties<br/> of precipitation are hampered. In this paper, we investigated two years of data from Micro-Rain<br/> Radars (MRR) in Cuenca, Ecuador, and Huaraz, Peru, from February 2017 to January 2019. This data<br/> allowed for a detailed study on the temporal precipitation characteristics, such as event occurrences<br/> and durations at these two locations. Our results showed that the majority of precipitation events<br/> had durations of less than 3 h. In Huaraz, precipitation has a distinct annual and diurnal cycle where<br/> precipitation in the rainy season occurred predominantly in the afternoon. These annual and diurnal<br/> cycles were less pronounced at the site in Cuenca, especially due to increased nocturnal precipitation<br/> events compared to Huaraz. Furthermore, we used a fuzzy logic classification of fall velocities and<br/> rainfall intensities to distinguish different precipitation types. This classification showed that nightly<br/> precipitation at both locations was predominantly stratiform, whereas (thermally induced) convection<br/> occurred almost exclusively during the daytime hours
| Andes | South Ecuador | vertically pointing K-band Doppler Radar | rain | Peru |
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Journal: Remote Sensing
Volume: 11
Issue: 24
Page Range: 2985
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Individual: Jörg Bendix
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