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Urbich, I.; Bendix, J. & Müller, R. (2019): The Seamless Solar Radiation (SESORA) Forecast for Solar Surface Irradiance—Method and Validation. Remote Sensing 11(21), 2576.
Kühnlein, M.; Thies, B.; Nauss, T. & Bendix, J. (2010): Rainfall-Rate Assignment Using MSG SEVIRI Data—A Promising Approach to Spaceborne Rainfall-Rate Retrieval for Midlatitudes. Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology 49, 1477-1495.
Kühnlein, M.; Appelhans, T.; Thies, B.; Kokhanovsky, A. & Nauss, T. (2013): An evaluation of a semi-analytical cloud property retrieval using MSG SEVIRI, MODIS and CloudSat. Atmospheric Research 122, 111–135.
Kühnlein, M.; Appelhans, T.; Thies, B. & Nauss, T. (2014): Improving the accuracy of rainfall rates from optical satellite sensors with machine learning — A random forests-based approach applied to MSG SEVIRI. Remote Sensing of Environment 141, 129–143.
Bendix, J.; Thies, B. & Cermak, J., Fog detection with TERRA-MODIS and MSG-SEVIRI(EUMETSAT, 2004), pp. 429-435.
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