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Reudenbach, C. & Bendix, J., Satellite based rainfall retrieval with Meteosat, GOES and MSG in the Mid-Latitudes and the Tropics(EUM P34, EUMETSAT, Madrid, 2003), pp. 135-144.
Bendix, J.; Rollenbeck, R. & Palacios, E. (2004): Cloud detection in the Tropics – a suitable tool for climate-ecological studies in the high mountains of Ecuador. International Journal of Remote Sensing 25(21), 4521-4540.
Reudenbach, C.; Nauss, T. & Bendix, J. (2007): Retrieving precipitation with GOES, Meteosat and Terra/MSG at the tropics and midlatitudes. In: Levizzani, V., P. Bauer & F. J. Turk (eds.): Measuring precipitation form space. Advances in Global Change Research ( 28), Springer, 509-519.
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