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Schütz, M.; Schütz, A.; Bendix, J. & Thies, B. (2024): Improving classification-based nowcasting of radiation fog with machine learning based on filtered and preprocessed temporal data. Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society 150(759), 577--596.
Álvarez-Estrella, J.; Muñoz, P.; Bendix, J.; Contreras, P. & Celleri, R. (2024): Enhancing Peak Runoff Forecasting through Feature Engineering Applied to X-Band Radar Data. Water 16(7), 968.
Cordova, M.; Orellana-Alvear, J.; Bendix, J.; Rollenbeck, R. & Celleri, R. (2024): Large-scale dynamics of extreme precipitation in the tropical Andes: combining weather radar observations and reanalysis data. Meteorology and Atmospheric Physics 136(4), 27.
Zeuss, D.; Bald, L.; Gottwald, J.; Becker, M.; Bellafkir, H.; Bendix, J.; Bengel, P.; Beumer, L.T.; Brandl, R.; Braendle, M.; Dahlke, S.; Farwig, N.; Freisleben, B.; Friess, N.; Heidrich, L.; Heuer, S.; Höchst, J.; Holzmann, H.; Lampe, P.; Leberecht, M.; Lindner, K.; Masello, J.F.; Mielke Möglich, J.; Mühling, M.; Müller, T.; Noskov, A.; Opgenoorth, L.; Peter, C.; Quillfeldt, P.; Rösner, S.; Royauté, R.; Mestre-Runge, C.; Schabo, D.; Schneider, D.; Seeger, B.; Shayle, E.; Steinmetz, R.; Tafo, P.; Vogelbacher, M.; Wöllauer, S.; Younis, S.; Zobel, J. & Nauss, T. (2024): Nature 4.0: A networked sensor system for integrated biodiversity monitoring. Global Change Biology 30(1), e17056.
Schön, J.E.; Tiede, Y.; Becker, M.; Donoso, D.A.; Homeier, J.; Limberger, O.; Bendix, J.; Farwig, N. & Brandl, R. (2023): Effects of leaf traits of tropical trees on the abundance and body mass of herbivorous arthropod communities. Plos one 18(11), e0288276.
Noskov, A.; Achilles, S. & Bendix, J. (2023): Towards Forest Dynamics' Systematic Knowledge: Concept Study of a Multi-Sensor Visually-Tracked Rover Including a New Insect Radar for High-Accuracy Robotic Monitoring. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 11, 1214419.
Zander, S.; Turini, N.; Ballari, D.; Bayas López, S.D.; Celleri, R.; Delgado Maldonado, B.; Orellana-Alvear, J.; Schmidt, B.; Scherer, D. & Bendix, J. (2023): The Spatio-Temporal Cloud Frequency Distribution in the Galapagos Archipelago as Seen from MODIS Cloud Mask Data. Atmosphere 14(8), 1225.
Grigusova, P.; Larsen, A.; Brandl, R.; del Ro, C.; Farwig, N.; Kraus, D.; Paulino, L.; Pliscoff, P. & Bendix, J. (2023): Mammalian bioturbation amplifies rates of both, hillslope sediment erosion and accumulation, in coastal Chile. EGUsphere 2023, 1--44.
Vorndran, M.; Schütz, A.; Bendix, J. & Thies, B. (2023-07-27). Pointwise Machine Learning Based Radiation Fog Nowcast with Station Data in Germany. Presented at 9th International Conference on Fog, Fog Collection, and Dew, Fort Collins, Colorado, USA.
Pohl, M.; Lehnert, L.; Thies, B.; Seeger, K.; Berdugo Moreno, M.B.; Gradstein, S.R.; Bader, M. & Bendix, J. (2023): Valleys are a potential refuge for the Amazon lowland forest in the face of increased risk of drought. Communications Earth & Environment 4(1), -.
Yi, L.; Li, M.; Liu, S.; Shi, X.; Li, K. & Bendix, J. (2023): Detection of dawn sea fog/low stratus using geostationary satellite imagery. Remote Sensing of Environment 294, 113622.
Doumbia, B.; Adefisan, E.; Omotosho, J.; Thies, B. & Bendix, J. 2023: Evaluation of CMIP5 and CMIP6 Performance in Simulating West African Precipitation.: Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems 668 (Springer).
Gaurav, S.; Egli, S.; Thies, B. & Bendix, J. (2023): Harmonization of Meteosat First and Second Generation Datasets for Fog and Low Stratus Studies. Remote Sensing 15(7), 1774.
Dashpurev, B.; Dorj, M.; Phan, T.N.; Bendix, J. & Lehnert, L. (2023): Estimating fractional vegetation cover and aboveground biomass for land degradation assessment in eastern Mongolia steppe: combining ground vegetation data and remote sensing. International Journal of Remote Sensing 44(2), 452--468.
Wurz, A.; Bendix, J.; Homeier, J.; Matt, F.; Paladines, P.; Serrano, F. & Farwig, N. (2023): A hidden gem in the Tumbesian dry forest in southern Ecuador: Estacon Cientfica Laipuna. ECOTROPICA 25(1/2), -.
Raffelsbauer, V.; Pucha-Cofrep, F.; Strobl, S.; Knuesting, J.; Schorsch, M.; Trachte, K.; Scheibe, R.; Bräuning, A.; Windhorst, D.; Bendix, J.; Silva, B. & Beck, E. (2023): Trees with anisohydric behavior as main drivers of nocturnal evapotranspiration in a tropical mountain rainforest. PLOS ONE 18(3), 1-21.
Ballari, D.; Vilches-Blázquez, L.M.; Orellana-Samaniego, M.L.; Salgado-Castillo, F.; Ochoa-Sánchez, A.; Graw, V.; Turini, N. & Bendix, J. (2023): Satellite Earth Observation for Essential Climate Variables Supporting Sustainable Development Goals: A Review on Applications. Remote Sensing 15(11), 2716.
Grigusova, P.; Larsen, A.; Brandl, R.; del Ro, C.; Farwig, N.; Kraus, D.; Paulino, L.; Pliscoff, P. & Bendix, J. (2023): Mammalian bioturbation amplifies rates of both hillslope sediment erosion and accumulation along the Chilean climate gradient. Biogeosciences 20(15), 3367--3394.
Häusser, M.; Aryal, S.; Barth, J.; Bendix, J.; Garel, E.; van Geldern, R.; Huneau, F.; Juhlke, T.; Knerr, I.; Santoni, S.; Szymczak, S.; Trachte, K. & Bräuning, A. (2023): Xylem formation patterns from Mediterranean to subalpine climate conditions reveal high growth plasticity of pine species on Corsica. Trees -, 1--13.
Cordova, M.; Orellana-Alvear, J.; Rollenbeck, R. & Celleri, R. (2022): Determination of climatic conditions related to precipitation anomalies in the Tropical Andes by means of the random forest algorithm and novel climate indices. International Journal of Climatology 42(10), 5055--5072.
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