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Göttlicher, D. (2011): Plant Functional Types for Land Surface Modelling in South Ecuador - Spatial Delineation, Sensitivity and Parameter Determination Philipps-University-Marburg, phd thesis
Dashpurev, B.; Wesche, K.; Jäschke, Y.; Oyundelger, K.; Phan, T.N.; Bendix, J. & Lehnert, L. (2021): A cost-effective method to monitor vegetation changes in steppes ecosystems: A case study on remote sensing of fire and infrastructure effects in eastern Mongolia. Ecological Indicators 132, 108331.
Drönner, J.; Egli, S.; Thies, B.; Bendix, J. & Seeger, B. (2019): FFLSD - Fast Fog and Low Stratus Detection tool for large satellite time-series. Computers & Geosciences 1, 1-36.
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