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Vorndran, M.; Thies, B. & Bendix, J. (2019-10-26). Forecasting radiation fogbycombining station measurementsandsatellite data usingmachine learning. Presented at AK Klima, Jesteburg.
Vorndran, M.; Schütz, A.; Bendix, J. & Thies, B. (2021-11-05). Training and validation weaknesses in pointwise classification-based radiation fog forecast using machine learning algorithms . Presented at AK Klima, Passau.
Vorndran, M.; Schütz, A.; Bendix, J. & Thies, B. (2022): Current training and validation weaknesses in classification-based radiation fog nowcast using machine learning algorithms. Artificial Intelligence for the Earth Systems 1(2), e210006.
Bendix, J., Understanding of fog structure, development and forecasting, COST722(2004), pp. L2, 1-4.
Gultepe, I.; Tardif, R.; Michaelides, S.; Cermak, J.; Bott, A.; Bendix, J.; Müller, M.; Pagowski, M.; Hansen, B.; Ellrod, G.; Jacobs, W.; Toth, G. & Cober, S. (2007): Fog Research: A review of past achievements and future perspectives. Pure and Applied Geophysics 164, 1121-1159.
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