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Knuesting, J.; Brinkmann, M.C.; Silva, B.; Schorch, M.; Bendix, J.; Beck, E. & Scheibe, R. (2018): Who will win where and why? An ecophysiological dissection of the competition between a tropical pasture grass and the invasive weed Bracken over an elevation range of 1000m in the tropical Andes. PlosOne 13, 1-24.
Tiede, Y.; Schlautmann, J.; Donoso, D.A.; Wallis, C.I.B.; Bendix, J.; Brandl, R. & Farwig, N. (2017): Ants as indicators of environmental change and ecosystem processes. Ecological Indicators 83, 527–537.
Bendix, J.; Fries, A.; Zarate, J.; Trachte, K.; Rollenbeck, R.; Pucha-Cofrep, F.; Paladines, R.; Palacios, I.; Orellana Alvear, J.; Oñate-Valdivieso, F.; Naranjo, C.; Mendoza, L.; Mejia, D.; Guallpa, M.; Gordillo, F.; Gonzalez-Jaramillo, V.; Dobbermann, M.; Celleri, R.; Carillo, C.; Araque, A. & Achilles, S. (2017): Radarnet Sur – first weather radar network in tropical high mountains. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society 98(6), 1235-1254.
Wagemann, J.; Thies, B.; Rollenbeck, R.; Peters, T. & Bendix, J. (2014): Regionalization of wind speed data to analyse tree-line wind conditions in the eastern Andes of southern Ecuador. Erdkunde 69(1), 3-19.
Bendix, J.; Fabian, P. & Rollenbeck, R., Gradients of fog and rain in a tropical montane cloud forest of southern Ecuador and its chemical composition(2004), pp. H7, 1-4.
Cueva Ortiz, E.; Homeier, J.; Breckle, S.; Bendix, J.; Emck, P.; Richter, M. & Beck, E. (2006): Seasonality in an evergreen tropicalmountain rainforest in southern Ecuador. Ecotropica 12, 69-85.
Bendix, J.; Rollenbeck, R. & Reudenbach, C. (2006): Diurnal patterns of rainfall in a tropical Andean valley of southern Ecuador as seen by a vertically pointing K-band Doppler Radar. International Journal of Climatology 25, 829-846.
Bendix, J.; Rollenbeck, R.; Nauss, T.; Göttlicher, D. & Fabian, P., Fog in a tropical mountain rain forest ecosystem of southern Ecuador(Proc. 4th Int. Conf. on Fog, Fog Collection and Dew, La Serena (Chile), 2007), pp. 407-410.
Bendix, J. & Beck, E. (2009): Spatial aspects of ecosystem research in a biodiversity hot spot of southern Ecuador - an introduction. Erdkunde 63, 305-308.
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