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Wallis, C.I.B.; Homeier, J.; Peña, J.; Brandl, R.; Farwig, N. & Bendix, J. (2019): Modeling tropical montane forest biomass, productivity and canopy traits with multispectral remote sensing data. Remote Sensing of Environment 225, 77-92.
Beck, E.; Kottke, I.; Bendix, J.; Makeschin, F. & Mosandl, R. (2008): Gradients in a tropical mountain ecosystem – a synthesis. Ecological Studies 198, 467-479.
Göttlicher, D.; Albert, J.; Nauss, T. & Bendix, J. (2011): Optical properties of selected plants from a tropical mountain ecosystem. - Traits for Plant Functional Types to parametrize a land surface model. Ecological Modelling 222, 493-502.
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