PD Dr. Rütger Rollenbeck

Rütger Rollenbeck
Member in Technology Transfer Project: Operational rainfall monitoring in southern Ecuador |


Curriculum vitae


Professional Career:

2016 - Current. Scientific Coordinator Radarnetsur

2013 - 2015: Database Manager for the Ecuador Research Platform MrP|SE

2011-2012: Professor for Geoecologye and Climatology in Marburg (temporal)

2011: Obtainment of  venia Legendi in the Discipline of Geography at the 13.7.2011

2001 - 2012 Research Scientist and Coordinator at the Dept. of  Geography Marburg DFG-Project „Precipitation dynamics and chemical properties“, University of Mannheim

2000-2001: Research Scientist at the Institute for environmental physics, University of Heidelberg, Project: “Validation of SCIAMACHY-Data by airborne AMAXDOAS-Measurements”

1996-2000: Research Scientist DFG-Project “Water- and energy balance of a neotropical lowland rain forest” in Venezuela.University of Mannheim. PhD-degree (Summa cum laude) obtained at: 7. May 2001.

1989 -1995 University Degree: Geography at the University of Mannheim, Geology, botany, climatology.

Diploma obtained: November 1995

Scientific interest

Scientific Interests:

  • Radar meteorology
  • Climate variability, extremes and trends
  • Precipitation: Dynamics and hydrological impact
  • Atmospheric modeling & remote sensing
  • Land surface-Atmosphere interactions
  • Solar and eolic energy potential

Regional Interest

  • Mountain ecosystems
  • Tropics and arid Environments
  • South America




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