Dr. Boris Thies

Boris Thies
Member in GFog-ML: Ground fog detection and analysis with Machine Learning | Member in Linden Ground Truth and Profiling Station & Metrology and Maintenance Laboratory | Member in Delineating the mountain cloud forest of Taiwan by means of topographic cloud immersion with moderate resolution satellite data and ground based observations | Member in Variability and trends in water balance components of benchmark drainage basins on the Tibetan Plateau (WET) - BMBF program CAME "Central Asia: Monsoon dynamics and geo - ecosystems" | Member in Operationelle Ableitung von Vertikalprofilen der Nebeleigenschaften – Methodenentwicklung auf der Basis eines neuartigen bodengestützten 94 GHz FMCW-Wolkenradars | Member in High resolution soil moisture parameterization of land surface models | Member in Early Detection of Laryngeal Cancer by Hyperspectral Imaging | Member in prime-RS: Precipitation patterns, snow and glacier response in High Asia and their variability on sub-decadal time scales (prime) Sub-project Remote Sensing of precipitation (RS) | Member in SaWaM - Seasonal water resource management in dry areas: Practice transfer of regionalised global information | Member in FOG-ML: FOrecasting radiation foG by combining station and satellite data using Machine Learning | Member in MW3: Standardisiertes Monitoring von Wachstumsreaktionen wichtiger Waldbaumarten auf klimatische Extremereignisse |


Scientific interest

Remote Sensing
Cloud dynamics and precipitation
Boundary Layer climatology




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