Prof. Dr. Jörg Bendix

Jörg Bendix
Member in Delineating the mountain cloud forest of Taiwan by means of topographic cloud immersion with moderate resolution satellite data and ground based observations | Member in DFG PAK 823-825: Development of area-wide functional indicators using remotely sensed data | Member in Early Detection of Laryngeal Cancer by Hyperspectral Imaging | Member in FACE2FACE - Effects from climate change, adaptions and greenhouse gas reduction | Member in Pasture Degradation Monitoring System (PaDeMoS) | Member in DFG PAK 823-825: Remote sensing as surrogate for phylodiversity and functional processes along land use and elevation gradients. | Member in FOR816/2: The biology of southern bracken in the anthropogenic ecosystem in the San Francisco valley of South Ecuador | Member in FOR816/2 Impacts of environmental change on climate and ecosystem in southern Ecuador | Member in DFG PAK 823-825: Climate indicators on the local scale for past, present and future | Member in Earthshape 1: Structure and function of biocrusts in weathering, soil formation and erosion processes (CRUSTWEATHERING) | Member in Technology Transfer Project: Operational rainfall monitoring in southern Ecuador | Member in PAK 927/1: CorsiClimAte - Seasonal and topographic partitioning of vapor transport, cloud and precipitation in Corsica, with special reference to PBL height | Member in MORE STEP – Mobility at risk: Sustaining the Mongolian Steppe Ecosystem | Member in DARWIN: Dynamics of precipitation in transition: The water source for the Galapagos Archipelago under climate change | Member in Optimizing Forest Management around Urban Areas for improved Cooling and Air Exchange | Member in REACT: New infrastructure to analyze microbial-cloud interactions as a key contributor to climate change mitigation (Microbial Aerosol Cloud - FacilitY MAC-Y) |


Deutschhausstraße 12
Room No. 02 A 48
35032 Marburg

Curriculum vitae

Name: Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Jörg Bendix

Date of birth: 12. April 1961

Place of birth: Troisdorf-Sieglar


1982 Geography, University of Trier

1983-1988 Geography, soil science, agricultural water engineering, hydro-biology, University of Bonn

1988 Diploma


1992 Dr. rer. nat., Faculty of Mathematics and Science, University of Bonn


1997 Venia Legendi for Geography, University of Bonn


1985-1988 Student assistant, chair for Geography, (Prof. Dr. W Lauer), Bonn

1988-1992 Scientific assistant, chair for Remote Sensing and Climatology (Prof. Dr. M. Winiger), Bonn

1990-1992 Scientist at the Academy of Science and Litertaure Mainz, Department for Geoecology

1992-1997 Lecturer at the Geographical Institute, University of Bonn

1997-1998 Representing chair for Remote Sensing Geographical Institute, University of Bonn

1998-1999 Senior lecturer at Institute of Geography, University of Bonn

Summer term 1998 Representing professor for Physical Geography, University of Marburg

1999-2000 Professor for Applied Physical Geography, Institute of Geography, Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich

since 2000 Chair for Geoecology with special reference to Climatology and Remote Sensing, Faculty of Geography, Philipps-University of Marburg


1988 Award of the Heinrich-Hörlein-Foundation for computer-related Diploma-Thesis

1992 GEFFRUB-Award 1992 for the PhD-Thesis

1996 EUMETSAT-Poster Award, 1996 Met. Sat. Data Users' Conference, Vieanna

1997 EUMETSAT-Poster Award, 1997 Met. Sat. Data Users' Conference, Brussels

1997 Walter Kalkhof-Rose-Remembrance Award, Academy of Science and Literture, Mainz (Germany) for the scientific work

1999 EUMETSAT-Poster Award, 1999 Met. Sat. Data Users' Conference, Copenhagen

2001 EUMETSAT-Poster Award, 2001 Met. Sat. Users' Conference, Antalya (Turkey)

2003 EUMETSAT-Poster Award, 2003 Met. Sat. Data Users' Conference, Weimar

2005 EUMETSAT-Poster Award, 2005 Met. Sat. Data Users' Conference, Dubrovnik (with J. Cermak)

Activities and Memberships:

Expert of the Commission for Earth Science Reserach of the Academie of Science and Literature, Mainz.

Leader of the Working Group "Remote Sensing of Fog", Int. Conf. of Fog and Fog Collection (Canada)

Principal Investigator, ESA/EUMETSAT MSG (Meteosat Second Generation) RAO program

Member of the Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry Society (RSPSoC)

Member of the Management Committee of the COST-Acion 722 "Short-range forecasting methods of fog, visibility and low clouds" (EU)

Member of the WMO-CGMS Intern. Prec. working group

Speaker of the working group "Climate" of the DGfG (2004-2005)

Expert of the DFG review board Geography

Member of the advisory board of the Society for Tropical Ecology (GTOE)

Speaker of the DFG FOR816

Member of the DFG review board at the "rewiew board Geography"

Member of the DFG-Senate-Commission "biodiversity research"

Member of the Academy of Science and Literature, Mainz

Member of the National Academy of Science, Leopoldina


PhD Thesis

Fog in the Alpine Region

Habilitation Thesis

Ein neuer Methodenverbund zur Erfassung der klimatologisch-lufthygienischen Situation in Nordrhein-Westfalen. Untersuchungen mit Hilfe boden- und satellitengestützter Fernerkundung und numerischer Modellierung

Scientific interest

  • Climatology
  • Geoecology
  • Remote Sensing
  • GIS
  • Environmental Modelling
  • Statistics and Geostatistics




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