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Campozano, L.; Celleri, R.; Trachte, K.; Bendix, J. &amp; Samaniego, E. (2016): <b>Rainfall and Cloud Dynamics in the Andes: A Southern Ecuador Case Study</b>. <i>Advances in Meteorology</i> <b>2016</b>(ID 3192765), 15.

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Title: Rainfall and Cloud Dynamics in the Andes: A Southern Ecuador Case Study
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Publication Date: 2016-01-01
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Individual: Lenin Campozano
Individual: Rolando Celleri
Individual: Katja Trachte
Individual: Jörg Bendix
Individual: Esteban Samaniego
Mountain regions worldwide present a pronounced spatiotemporal precipitation variability, which added to scarce monitoring<br/> networks limits our understanding of the generation processes involved. To improve our understanding of clouds and precipitation<br/> dynamics and cross-scale generation processes in mountain regions, we analyzed spatiotemporal rainfall patterns using satellite<br/> cloud products (SCP) in the Paute basin (900–4200m a.s.l. and 6481 km2) in the Andes of Ecuador. Precipitation models, using<br/> SCP and GIS data, reveal the spatial extension of three regimes: a three-modal (TM) regime present across the basin, a bimodal<br/> (BM) regime, along sheltered valleys, and a unimodal (UM) regime at windward slopes of the eastern cordillera. Subsequently, the<br/> spatiotemporal analysis using synoptic information shows that the dry season of the BM regime during boreal summer is caused<br/> by strong subsidence inhibiting convective clouds formation.Meanwhile, in UMregions, low advective shallow cap clouds mainly<br/> cause precipitation, influenced by water vapor from the Amazon and enhanced easterlies during boreal summer. TM regions are<br/> transition zones fromUMto BMand zones on the windward slopes of the western cordillera. These results highlight the suitability<br/> of satellite and GIS data-driven statistical models to study spatiotemporal rainfall seasonality and generation processes in complex<br/> terrain, as the Andes.
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Journal: Advances in Meteorology
Volume: 2016
Issue: ID 3192765
Page Range: 15
Publisher: Hindawi Publishing Corporation
Publication Place: India
ISSN: 16879317
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Individual: Jörg Bendix
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