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Bendix, A.; Bendix, J.; G&auml;mmerler, S.; Reudenbach, C. &amp; Weise, S., <b>The El Ni&ntilde;o 1997/98 as seen from space – rainfall retrieval and investigation of rainfall dynamics with GOES-8 and TRMM data</b>(2003), pp. 647-652.

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Title: The El Niño 1997/98 as seen from space – rainfall retrieval and investigation of rainfall dynamics with GOES-8 and TRMM data
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Publication Date: 2003-01-01
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Individual: Astrid Bendix
Individual: Jörg Bendix
Individual: S. Gämmerler
Individual: Christoph Reudenbach
Individual: S. Weise
An analysis of heavy precipitation dynamics during the strongest Super El Niño of the last century<br/> (1997/98) for Ecuador and northern Peru is presented. Additionally, a unique event of severe<br/> flooding in the Rio Ica catchment (central Peruvian Andes) during this event is examined. All<br/> investigations are based on the exploitation of satellite data. Precipitation maps are calculated by<br/> means of the Enhanced Convective Stratiform Technique (ECST) and Cloud Motion Winds (CMW)<br/> are extracted from time series of GOES-8 data. AVHRR-based sea surface temperatures are also<br/> used as data of the Precipitation Radar (PR) onboard the TRMM platform. Spatio-temporal<br/> dynamics of heavy precipitation during EN 1997/98 has been proven to reveal the same<br/> mechanisms as during a normal El Niño (1991/92). However, rainfall amount is significantly<br/> increased. Evidence for clear spill-over effects of cirrus remainders from the Amazon on rainfall<br/> formation in the coastal lowlands could be found by means of TRMM PR data and CMWs. The<br/> study reveals that the severe flood event in the Rio Ica catchment was caused by anomalous<br/> strong zonal trades which initiated the heavy precipitation event from the Amazon lowlands.
| El Nino | GOES-8 | TRMM | rainfall retrieval |
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Conference Name: Met. Sat. Users’ Conf.
Date: 2-6 September 2002
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