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Lehnert, L.; Thies, B. &amp; Bendix, J. (2020): <b>A new high spatial resolution low stratus/fog retrieval for the Atacama Desert</b>. <i>Remote Sensing of Environment</i> <b>236</b>, 111445.

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Title: A new high spatial resolution low stratus/fog retrieval for the Atacama Desert
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Publication Date: 2020-01-01
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Individual: Lukas Lehnert
Individual: Boris Thies
Individual: Jörg Bendix
The Atacama Desert is considered as one of the driest places on Earth. At the coastline, however, small-scale fog<br/> oases harbor a specialized vegetation and fauna, living from moisture by fog, which is used by humans to feed<br/> water demands of industrial projects. To date, knowledge about fog and low stratus (FLS) clouds as well as their<br/> physical properties is limited in that only local observations or spatial products from satellites with coarse<br/> resolutions are available generally failing to capture local patterns resulting from the complex topography.<br/> Consequently, we provide the first climatology of FLS with 30m spatial resolution based on over 400 Landsat<br/> scenes acquired since 1986. The new product provides valuable estimates of FLS optical and micro-physical<br/> properties. FLS over the Pacific Ocean featured cloud optical depth values around 13.5 declining over land to<br/> 4.2. Effective radii were around 5.3 μm. Liquid water path was between 71.0 − gm 2 over the Ocean and 14.9 − gm 2<br/> over land surfaces. The climatologies of the new Landsat product were successfully validated against those of the<br/> MODIS cloud property product over homogeneous surfaces. Over areas with heterogeneous topographies, the<br/> new product outperforms existing ones with coarse spatial resolutions if compared against in situ measurements.<br/> This shows the general need for cloud products with high spatial resolutions in areas where the development of<br/> small scale clouds is favored e.g., by a complex topography leading to systematical biases in existing retrievals.
| Landsat | fog | Atacama Desert | Las Lomitas |
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Journal: Remote Sensing of Environment
Volume: 236
Page Range: 111445
Publisher: Elsevier
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Individual: Jörg Bendix
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