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Bendix, J.; Rollenbeck, R. &amp; Palacios, E. (2004): <b>Cloud detection in the Tropics – a suitable tool for climate-ecological studies in the high mountains of Ecuador</b>. <i>International Journal of Remote Sensing</i> <b>25</b>(21), 4521-4540.

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Title: Cloud detection in the Tropics – a suitable tool for climate-ecological studies in the high mountains of Ecuador
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Publication Date: 2004-01-30
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Individual: Jörg Bendix
Individual: Rütger Rollenbeck
Individual: Enrique Palacios
The detection of clouds and the analysis of cloud frequency play an<br/> important role for operational weather prediction as well as for climate–<br/> ecological studies. A threshold technique for cloud detection in the tropical<br/> mountainous area of Ecuador is presented which is based on National Oceanic<br/> and Atmospheric Administration Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer<br/> (NOAA-AVHRR) data. Cloud classification is performed for both day and<br/> night overpasses by applying several threshold tests which also include ancillary<br/> terrain information. From a set of 155 images, maps of relative cloud frequency<br/> are calculated for Ecuador and adjacent areas as well as the central study area of<br/> an ecological project in southern Ecuador (Loja). Results show a clear relation<br/> between topography, main airflow and cloudiness due to barrage and lee-effects.<br/> The spatial extension of high mountain ecosystems such as the Ecuadorian<br/> Pa´ramo has been proven to be significantly influenced by the spatial pattern of<br/> cloud frequency.
| Ecuador | tropics | cloud detection |
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Journal: International Journal of Remote Sensing
Volume: 25
Issue: 21
Page Range: 4521-4540
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Individual: Tiziana Li Koch
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