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Bendix, J., <b>Determination of fog horizontal visibility by means of NOAA-AVHRR</b>(Proc. of IGARSS'95, 1995), pp. 1847-1849.

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Title: Determination of fog horizontal visibility by means of NOAA-AVHRR
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Publication Date: 1995-01-01
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Individual: Jörg Bendix
Two schemes for the determination of fog horizontal<br/> visibility using AVHRR data both, day and night, are<br/> presented. Ground truth has been performed by the<br/> comparison of calculated visibilities and simultaneous<br/> transmissometer measurements. The daytime approach is<br/> based on the calculation of fog albedo from AVHRR #1 and<br/> the relation of fog optical depth and geometrical thickness to<br/> spectral extinction and horizontal visibility. The mean<br/> deviation between observed and calculated visibilities is<br/> about 56 m. The nighttime approach uses the relation<br/> between fog and air temperature derived from AVHRR # 4<br/> and 5 and a simple model for the approximation of the fog<br/> droplet distribution. The resulting fog extinction is directly<br/> related to horizontal visibility. Because fog optical depth is<br/> not available at night, the calculation of horizontal visibility<br/> using the nighttime approach is only valid if fog extinction is<br/> nearly homogeneous over the whole fog layer. Mean<br/> deviations between observed and calculated visibilities<br/> therefore slightly increase to about 61 m.
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Publisher: Proc. of IGARSS'95
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